The FT Index of homeopathy?

My name is Francis Treuherz and I am a homeopath in London. I have been in practice as a homeopath since 1984, after 10 years of intense interest and focussed study. Here is my first ever ever blog. I hope you will enjoy my occasional discourses, a sort of homeopathic FT Index – my initials in case that is not obvious. I enjoy writing about homeopathy, and I enjoy reading about it.

I have no plan. It is like not having a plan for a patient, I do not know who will come through the door, or appear on my screen so plans cannot be made. Receiving a new patient and a new story is always an adventure. I need a tidy desk, a silent phone, ink in my pen and a pad of clean lined paper. The kettle and some cups of tea are ready if needed. I have a comfortable chair or two, a box of tissues, good but unobtrusive lighting and an open mind.

There is a large basket of toys, a separate barrel of wooden bricks and a hand-crafted Noah’s Ark full of colourful wooden animals –, which appeal to all my visitors. The FT Index is constantly receiving questions: can you help my arthritis, my son’s eczema, my depression, my insomnia … the doctors do not know what is wrong with me – do you know a good homeopathin Vienna? Can you help me find a copy of Knerr’s Repertory (1896)?

Although of course homeopaths are here to help sick people become healthy there is still fun to be had meeting colleagues, reading our literature, finding an old treasure from a Victorian pharmacy and even creating a blog out of the blue. Tune in when you feel like it and I shall write something when I feel like it. Ask me questions please.