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Homœopathy in The Penny Magazine, 1834

If you click on the second page below it loads slowly and then if you click on it , it becomes large enough to read easily. Please be patient. Here is one of the oldest publications on homeopathy in English, published by The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in the The Penny Magazine in 1834. About its ending: the last paragraph where it is said that the police seized the medicines: it happened very often in that time against the homeopaths and ever since;

Samuel Hahnemann, a contemporary obituary 1843

Here is an obituary of Samuel Hahnemann from a Paris journal, published a few days after his death on 2nd July 1843. I hope you can read French. It is quite rare and I am lucky to have found an original. You may click on the image to enlarge it and make the text readable.