Antimicrobial resistance: superbugs?

A problem in modern conventional health care is the over use of antibiotics leading to a loss of effectiveness. Before antibiotics existed homeopathy was very successful in a wide range of epidemics. It was especially effective in C19 cholera. (TL Bradford,The Logic of Figures or Comparative Results of Homœopathic and Other Treatments, 1900). In 1941 the standard Schick Test for the presence of diphtheria showed how well homeopathy worked. (Potency action, A preliminary study of the alteration of the Schick Test by a homeopathic potency, John Paterson & William Boyd, British Homoeopathic Journal ,1941 pp303-309. )

Modern homeopaths know well how to look after childhood infections but we are not encouraged to make such claims. The use of effective and safe non-antibiotic treatments of infections is one of the strategies to reduce (inappropriate) use of antibiotics. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices prescribe non-antibiotic treatment strategies, aiming at strengthening humans’ and animals’ resilience to infections. This is described in the attached document by Dr Ton Nicolai.

Conference CAM-AMR final.pdf

The British Government are consulting about this issue; closing date for comments is 29 June 2018.