Articles & Resources

Articles & Resources


The Sweet Taste of Ill-Health: Health & Homeopathy, winter 2014/2015, published by the British Homeopathic Association.
“Hello, this is the Homeopathic Helpline!”
Homeopathy Today.
“Extreme Homeopathy.”
American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine.
“Can I have it on the NHS? The human side of working in general practice.”
The Homeopath.
“Bells Palsy treated with Cadmium sulphuratum.”
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“School Suffers Salmonella Outbreak. How one homeopath helped 100 students.”
Homeopathy Today.
“Getting Stoned Was Not Fun – kidney stones and other lumps.”
Homeopathy Today.
“Modern Mumps Strikes Young Adults.”
Homeopathy Today
“50 Years Since Liberation: a Case.”
The Homeopath and the New England Journal of Homeopathic Medicine.
“Homeopathy In General Practice.”
A descriptive report.
Restoring Regular Heart Rhythm


The great debate: the single remedy is the medicine of experience.
In The British Homeopathic Journal and in The Homeopath.


Samuel Hahnemann, Founder of Homeopathy
Anon, The Great Republic, New York, 1859
Bishop Rosendo Salvado and the origins of homeopathy in Australia.
Homeopathy – British Homeopathic Journal

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Steiner and the Simillimum
Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy and The Homeopath
The Origins of Kent’s Philosophy
Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy and The Homeopath
Homeopathy Around the World.
The abuse of homeopathy: John Henry Clarke and Anti-Semitism.
Tales from the history of
homeopathy in Liverpool
Tales from the history of
homeopathy in Liverpool (Pictures)


Legalities of veterinary practice and the homeopathic treatment of animals, with Chris Day.
Newsletter, Society of Homeopaths, Spring 2002.

Book Reviews

The New World Veterinary Repertory by Richard Pitcairn and Wendy Jensen.
Review of “Helium: including an introduction to the noble gases”, By Jeremy Sherr.
Plain Doctoring: Selected Writings 1983-2013, by Richard Moskowitz. Reviewed in Homoeopathic Links, 24:4; 2013.
Reviews of Concordant Reference, & Synoptic Reference 1 by Frans Vermeulen
“Review of Homeopathy for Acutes & Emergencies by Pareek”.
“Review of Concordant Reference by Vermeulen”.
“Review of positive Swiss Government Report on Homeopathy”
Published in Links, 1/12.
“Colours in Homeopathy”
book by Dr Ulrich Welte
Reviewed in The Homeopath No.94: 2003.
“Evolution of Homeopathic Repertories and Repertorisation”
book by Dr Jugal Kishore.
“Homeopathy in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine”
book by Michael Frass & Martin Bündner.
“The Comprehensive Repertory for the New Homeopathic Remedies: A Guide to Strategic Prescribing”
book by Colin Griffiths
“Hahnemann’s Homeopathy, The Classification and Treatment of Diseases According to Dr Samuel Hahnemann” book by Ewald CW Stöteler

Homeopathy Action Trust

The aims of HAT are to:

  • promote study and research into homeopathic medicine and publish results
  • educate and assist the development of knowledge and skills in homeopathy through funding of student grants
  • fund health centres, hospitals and/or other institutions for health care (projects)
  • educate the public in the art and science of homeopathy
  • contribute to the relief of sickness on a wider scale

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