Homeopathy and Jetlag

Homeopathy and JETLAG  Keep the remedies in the pocket of a garment that you are wearing so they avoid X-rays. Arnica 30c on departure and then every 3 hours approx in flight, no coffee, no booze. If dizzy like the floor moves when you land, Cocculus 30c. If wiped out like a hangover Nux vomica 30c. If you lie down or sit on a soft chair and it feels hard, more Arnica. If there

8 get holiday Homeopathic remedies:

8 great holiday emergency remedies Off on holiday? Whether you’re going abroad or ‘staycationing’, keep these remedies handy to tackle a range of minor ailments. 1 suggest 30c potencies for all remedies, using every 30- 90 minutes, two or three times depending on the severity of the condition. Always seek medical help for anything more than a minor injury or illness. Aconite Great for shock, such as from fright, bad news or after having a fall. Also good for the onset of fever after

Homeopathy works says the Daily Mail!

The Daily Mail article says: “There is no doubt that many people — including the vast majority of scientists — regard homeopathy with extreme scepticism. With its medieval-sounding ingredients, such as poison ivy, cat’s milk, common toad, all delivered in highly diluted, vanishingly minuscule amounts, how can it possibly work? Developed in the 1790s by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, homeopathy is based on the idea that, in tiny doses, like cures like. So if you have inflammation, for example, then very small