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Private and Confidential

This questionnaire is specially designed to deliver appropriate and effective homeopathic treatment over the Internet. The questionnaire is based on years of experience and is recognised within the homeopathic profession as being of a high standard.


  1. First answer the questions below. Take up as much space as you wish, the more information you provide the better. All fields marked * are required.
  2. You will then be asked to select your preferred method of payment. Payment may be made online by credit card using PayPal.

Once you have completed the questionnaire please arrange payment. The fees are UK £100 or US $145 for a first consultation and UK £55 or US $85 for a follow up consultation probably 4 weeks later depending on the problem. Urgent short questions which arise from time to time are welcomed.

Once these initial questions have been answered and payment received I will proceed with your consultation and contact you as soon as possible with my advice and recommendations.

1. Personal Details
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3. Reason for Visit

It's now time for you to outline what's troubling you.

Please be prepared to spend at least an hour working on the questionnaire. And then I shall be spending probably at least an hour studying it, and analysing the information. This is what takes up my time, and this is the knowledge, skill and experience for which you will be paying me. An online consultation is the equivalent of being in the consulting room for a one hour session.

Questions and Answers

You can fill out the questionnaire in detail using the answer boxes, or use it as a memory aid and tell me your story in your own words in the form of a letter if you wish.

When completing the questionnaire, it is important to fill in all the sections that are appropriate for you and give me all the information required so that I can plan your treatment accordingly. All the information is confidential, so please answer all questions as fully as you can.

After the receipt of this information I will assess your case and establish a suitable homeopathic course of treatment. If necessary I may email you with a list of further questions before your treatment is finalised in order to clarify any uncertain points.


Once I have finished studying your case, and I shall give you all the information you will need. I can send you a detailed prescription via email and you can order the remedy yourself. Remedies may be obtained from Ainsworths or Helios in England, or Freemans in Scotland, or from a pharmacy in your own country, for example Washington Homeopathic products in the USA. If you want advice about obtaining the remedies please let me know. This will include any necessary supplementary information as appropriate and general advice regarding the do's and don'ts during your homeopathic treatment. Most of this is in the introductory page.

Please complete the following questions and tell me some more details so I can help you.

I would like to begin with you telling me in your own words what has brought you here today. Please be as general or specific as you wish.

I often ask my patients "And what have you been up to?" or "How can homeopathy help you?". So if you wish just sit back, relax, and write about yourself.

If you prefer, you may answer the questions that follow and come back to this question later. The questions are designed to jog your memory and show you what I need to understand about you.

4. Current Symptoms

Please try and describe all the current symptoms in your own words including if possible, the cause. To help you with your response, imagine that you are sitting in front of me and I ask, "So what brings you here today?"

5. General Symptoms

I am interested in what makes your body tick in general. For example, if you have cold feet that is a particular symptom, and is useful to me. Similarly, if you are always worse from cold or seem to lack vital heat that is a general symptom, and a small clue for me.

By answering as many of these questions as fully as possible, you are helping me interpret what your body and unconscious mind are doing, so that I can find a remedy for you.

6. General Symptoms (continued)

We need to fill out your story with answers to whichever of the following questions are relevant to you. These questions are based on those used by Dr Pierre Schmidt, an eminent Swiss homeopathic physician who wrote on the art of taking cases.

7. Mental and Emotional Symptoms

The symptoms of the Mind are most important and should be carefully considered. Try to give all these symptoms fully as they are very important.

Please note that the questions and language here used are merely suggestive, and are simply intended to lead you to give all your symptoms.

8. Food and Sleep

I am looking for clues about you. For example, along with your sleeping patterns I am interested in what you like to eat.

Once a patient said she was hungry in my rooms, and asked if I minded if she ate a snack. I said fine of course. So she took out a tin of Tuna fish and a fork, and ate the contents of the tin. Then she took out another and ate that.

The result of this clue was a diagnosis of a complex endocrine problem, of iron and calcium and iodine, and I knew her remedy. So be sure to tell me what the regular medical people will ignore or scoff at.

9. For Women Only

These questions may appear rather intimate. The answers will help me understand what is troubling you and how to help you. I do not accept the idea that menstrual troubles are something with which you have to live. Many women are told that nothing can be done. I am an optimist and I hope that something can be done, so please answer what you feel are relevant questions.

10. Bodily Functions and Discharges

In all of these questions, I am interested in the sensations, their location, what modifies them and what accompanies them.

Skin symptoms need to be described as I cannot see them. Are they dry, moist, oozing? What is the nature of the discharge? Where did they start, and in which part of your body? And when - after a vaccination or after a grief? When do they come and go?

11. Your Personal History

In all of these questions, I am interested in the sensations, their location, what modifies them and what accompanies them.

Skin symptoms need to be described as I cannot see them. Are they dry, moist, oozing? What is the nature of the discharge? Where did they start, and in which part of your body? And when - after a vaccination or after a grief? When do they come and go?

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please click Submit to proceed to the payment screens.

Note you will be taken back to this page if there are any errors in your form.