Support & Supervision

Support & Supervision for Homeopaths

I am writing to encourage you to take up supervision, and to share my experience of many years of enthusiastic practice, teaching and scholarship. I trained at the College of Homeopathy in London, with post graduate work in Greece with George Vithoulkas and Vassilis Gehgas; and in India, with Subrata K Banerjea and SP Dey. I have been in full time practice since 1984 (in the NHS from 1990 to 2003).

I am a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths, editor of our journal for the 10 years, and again a Board Member. I have written many articles, a research report and a book. I taught homeopathy at the University of Westminster, and also at Amsterdam, Chichester, Galway, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Prague, San Francisco, Seattle, Stockholm…

  • New colleagues
  • Final year students
  • Emotional issues in the early years of homeopathic practice
  • Literature search & study
  • Student project tutorials
  • Writing for publication
  • Registration case preparation
  • NHS primary care startups
  • second opinions on cases
  • Computer case analysis
  • Acute telephone prescribing
  • Small business management
  • Creating and giving referrals
  • Reflective practice

Location Location Location, London Homeopath

2 Exeter Road, side entrance, Cricklewood, London NW2 4SP. On corner with Dartmouth Road by a pillar box. Visitor parking permits available. Stations: Kilburn Jubilee Line or Brondesbury Overground. Bus stops at the station. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday am, Sunday am.

Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Rosehill Hospital, Hitchin Road, Letchworth, Herts., SG6 3NA. Phone 01462 678804. On the A505 in green belt just SW of the town. Car park and bus stop at the Centre. Tuesday .


First appointments for research and supervision £100, further appointments £55. Cash or cheques please, or bank transfer.. You may have a receipt, accepted by HSA and some insurers. There is a charge for cancellations at less than 24 hours notice.

Professional supervision

I have been doing supervision and tutorials since I became a social work supervisor in 1969 and a university teacher in 1974. One of my first contributions to The Homeopath was an article on ‘Feelings of a new homeopath’, where I shared my experience of the tears of homeopathic practice. The day I fail to be moved by the plight of my patients is the day I shall retire. I had to learn to become the unprejudiced observer, and how to harness powerful emotions for constructive use, in the human relationships which accompany the search for the simillimum. This is always a major focus of supervision.

My website is ready for online consultations. Tell your friends in distant places.

Second opinions

If you are in a quandary with a patient and would like another opinion you may consult by phone or email, or best of all, accompany the patient to see me for a joint consultation. Teamwork can produce a result.

Working in general practice

Discussion of my 13 years’ work in NHS primary care. I can advise you on the human and practical aspects of NHS work. The Society has published a research report, a survey of my work with 500 NHS patients which was followed up by a journal article. Copies are available here Articles & Resources.

Library research collection

I have a unique personal library of over 12,000 volumes (and still growing), on every aspect of homeopathy including books and journals in French and German. I can suggest further reading. My office is a clear demonstration that Sulphur did not work. but these old and new books are a wonderful resource for my visitors. If you are working on a research project here are the books which no one else has available, from 1830 until today, from around the world, from Abrams to van der Zee.

Computer Study

Homeopathy has definitely arrived in the 21st century. You will benefit from online access to around 800 of the latest and classic homeopathic literature. If you have the programs I can help you make the best use of the amazing range of data and features in MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, which have been renewed as Synergy Homeopathic Software – SHS. 

Writing for publication

As former editor of The Homeopath for a total of ten years, and author of many reviews, clinical and historical articles and 2 books, I can help you plan and review your creative homeopathic writing.

Acute & Emergency prescribing

I can share with you my several decades of practical experience of working on the phone with acute problems under pressure of time. The line is open from 9.0 a.m. to 12 midnight, 365 days. BT premium rate charges apply. 09065 343404

‘The Incident Room’

I have taught a number of CPD one day seminars on the subject of acute and emergency prescribing in London, Exeter, Galway and Manchester. I am ready to do it again, just ask me.